Alcohol may have played role in Pennsylvania car accident

Drunkenness is an obvious impairment on judgment and motor skills, and this causes many avoidable car accidents each year in Pennsylvania. It is very difficult to defend the actions of any drunk driver, because the negligence by such an individual puts others on the roads, as well as pedestrians and cyclists near the roads, at extreme risk.

When police either find or are informed about someone driving erratically, a variety of sobriety tests are usually performed. If a car accident has occurred, a drunk driver may not only face criminal charges, but also civil liability for any injuries that resulted.

A recent Pennsylvania car accident may be an appropriate example of such irresponsible driving. According to speculation stemming from police reports, alcohol was possibly a factor in the crash that involved at least two vehicles, causing one to roll over. One person suffered serious injuries and a second was also taken to a hospital via ambulance after the crash, according to a news report.

It remains to be seen whether the alleged drunk driver or drivers will face charges for driving under the influence and whether any negligent driver will be held responsible for the victims’ medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

Anyone who has been injured due to a drunk driver’s irresponsible behavior in Pennsylvania may be entitled to compensation under the law. An attorney who has pursued compensation for victims in similar circumstances can be helpful to those who are pursuing personal injury claims following a drunk driving accident.