Are There Rules for Following Cars Too Closely in Pennsylvania?

If you are frequent driver, then it is likely that you have encountered a situation on Pottsville’s roads where another driver was following your vehicle too closely. Aside from being intimidating, having a vehicle riding your back bumper may increase the risk of an accident and significant injury occurring to both you and the driver of the other vehicle should you be forced to stop. You may think any time another vehicle is following you closely that it is too close. Yet does your definition of “too close” match that defined by the state?

The Rules of the Road in General for Pennsylvania does include language specifically addressing drivers that follow other vehicles too closely. It states that drivers following you must keep a distance between themselves and your vehicle that is reasonable enough to allow time to avoid a collision should you stop.

The rules for traveling too closely between cars do not only apply if you are being followed. They also address scenarios where leading vehicles are expected to yield enough space. These include cases where one vehicle is towing another, and vehicles traveling in motorcades. If you are driving near a vehicle that is pulling another, the driver of the towing vehicle is expected to leave sufficient space between him or herself and any vehicles in front on him or her so as to allow you adequate to overtake him or her in the lane if needed. The same requirement holds true for vehicles in motorcade. The only exception to this rule would be if the motorcade was part of a funeral procession.