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At The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, serving in Shamokin, PA, we understand the devastating impact that birth injuries can have on families. Our experienced team of birth injury attorneys is dedicated to helping families navigate the complexities of birth injury cases, seeking justice and compensation for the harm caused to their children during delivery or prenatal care. Here's why it's crucial to entrust us with your case:

Why Choose Us?

  1. Experience and Expertise: Our attorneys are skilled in handling birth injury cases and have a deep understanding of the medical and legal complexities involved. We have successfully represented numerous families in similar situations, securing favorable outcomes and substantial compensation for our clients.
  2. Compassionate Approach: We recognize the emotional toll that birth injuries can take on families. Our team provides compassionate support and personalized attention to each client, guiding them through every step of the legal process with care and empathy.
  3. Proven Track Record: With a track record of successful verdicts and settlements in birth injury cases, we have earned the trust of our clients and the respect of our peers in the legal community. Our dedication to achieving justice for families sets us apart.
  4. Resources and Network: We have access to a network of medical experts, investigators, and resources that enable us to build strong cases on behalf of our clients. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth and accountability.

Types of Birth Injuries and Undiagnosed Conditions

  • Lack of Oxygen and Umbilical Cord Problems: Resulting in conditions such as hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), cerebral hypoxia, or brain anoxia, birth asphyxia, and infant brain damage.
  • Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis: Often linked to oxygen deprivation or trauma during childbirth, leading to lifelong physical and cognitive impairments.
  • Laceration from Scalpel during C-section: Surgical errors during cesarean delivery can cause serious injuries to the mother or child.
  • Cephalohematoma: A collection of blood between the skull and the periosteum of a newborn, typically caused by trauma during delivery.
  • Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage: Bleeding within the brain tissue of the newborn, often associated with traumatic birth procedures.
  • Caput Succedaneum: Swelling of the soft tissues of the scalp of a newborn, usually due to prolonged pressure during delivery.
  • Erb's Palsy: Paralysis of the arm caused by injury to the brachial plexus nerves during birth.
  • Facial Paralysis: Damage to the facial nerves during delivery, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis of facial muscles.
  • Fractures: Bone fractures in the newborn, often caused by excessive force during delivery.
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage in Neonates: Bleeding within the skull of a newborn, which can lead to serious neurological complications.
  • Brachial Plexus and Shoulder Dystocia: Nerve injuries and mechanical obstruction during delivery, resulting in difficulty in delivering the baby's shoulder.
  • Bruising: Especially common when vacuum extraction or forceps are used during delivery, leading to physical trauma to the newborn.
  • Large Babies not Recommending C-section Earlier: Failure to recognize the risks associated with delivering large babies vaginally, leading to birth injuries.
  • Prolonged Labor not Recommending C-section Earlier: Failure to intervene with a cesarean section in cases of prolonged labor, risking birth injuries to the mother or child.
  • Failure to Diagnose or Recognize Baby Positioning: Including breech or posterior positions, which can increase the risk of complications during delivery.
  • Failure to Diagnose or Recognize Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD): Where the baby's head is too large to pass safely through the birth canal, increasing the risk of birth injuries.

If your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence or malpractice, don't hesitate to contact birth injury lawyers of The Law Offices of Anthony Urban near Shamokin, Pennsylvania for a free consultation. We are here to advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

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