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You should feel safe in your home away from home when you are staying at a hotel, motel, bed-and-breakfast, or any other type of hospitality business. Yet hotel accidents happen all the time due to the negligence of the proprietors. What happens next if you’ve been hurt while staying at a hotel in Pennsylvania? You can call (888) 268-0023 to speak with a Schuylkill hotel injury lawyer from The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, of course!

Our law firm proudly represents people who have been hurt in hotels and motels around Pennsylvania. Thanks to our extensive practice experience and vast network of outside experts, we can represent virtually anyone who has been hurt in a premises liability accident at a hotel, including those who were just visiting the state but who do not live here.

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Common Accidents at Hotels

The legal concept of premises liability creates an expectation for property owners to protect visitors and guests on their property from hazards. This law, of course, applies to hospitality businesses, which must take adequate steps to ensure the premises are safe for everyone who stays there. If a guest is hurt, or a visitor who is not even staying in the hotel is injured, then the hotel and its parent company can be sued for damages related to the injured party’s medical care, lost wages, physical pain, mental suffering, and more.

Accidents that happen the most often in hotels include:

Slip and fall accidents are probably the most common types of accidents in hotels, motels, casinos, etc. It is important to realize that a simple slip can cause catastrophic injuries, like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. You should always see a doctor after slipping and falling to get a checkup, especially if you fell in a place of business like a hotel.

Invitees & Premises Liability Accidents

When you are staying at a hotel, you are an invitee at the place of business. An invitee is anyone who is there for the benefit of the property owner. Because you paid the property owner for a room, you are technically there for their benefit.

It’s important that you are categorized as an invitee because property owners owe invitees the highest duty of care. Before an invitee is admitted onto the property, the proprietor should make a reasonable attempt to inspect the property for any hazards and address them. If a hazard cannot be fixed immediately, then the proprietor needs to warn all visitors about it and keep them away from the area. Failing to do so and allowing a guest to be injured by a hazard is an invitation to a lawsuit.

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Suing a hotel can be difficult because the business is probably ready to defend itself with a contracted team of attorneys. Large hotel chains like Hilton, Marriot, and so on are even more likely to have a corporate defense team that will challenge your claim in any form that it can. To give yourself a fighting chance against these powerful litigators and arbitrators, we recommend you get our Schuylkill hotel injury attorneys on your side immediately.

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