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Have you been injured on vacation? If so, you and your family are likely dealing with the stress of hospital bills, missed work, a painful recovery, and other adversity. At The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C., we hold hospitality businesses, manufacturers, and other commercial entities accountable for injuries from unsafe conditions, dangerous products, and other safety hazards that cause harm to vacationers.

Our Schuylkill County vacation injury attorneys represent local and out-of-state clients in cases of personal injury, wrongful death, premises liability, sexual assault, and product liability actions involving vacation-related injuries and recreational accidents.

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Vacation Injuries & Your Right to Compensation

Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to recover compensation for injuries caused by careless actions or neglected responsibilities. Our skilled Schuylkill County recreational injury lawyers have recovered compensation for catastrophic injuries from vacation accidents, even in complex and seemingly hopeless cases. We have the resources for a thorough investigation, including inspection of faulty equipment, talking to witnesses, and accident reconstruction.

We can investigate any injury occurring at or involving:

  • Hotels, resorts, and campgrounds: Swimming pool accidents, slip and fall accidents, breaches of security (assault or rape)
  • Amusement parks and playgrounds: Equipment collapse, failed safety mechanisms, falling accidents, broken bones
  • Concerts and sporting events: Fires, overcrowding injuries, assaults
  • Boating and watercraft accidents: Boat collisions, personal watercraft accidents, parasailing or sailboat injuries, snorkeling or diving accidents
  • Golf course injuries: Golf cart accidents, injuries from golf balls or golf clubs
  • Swimming accidents: Drowning, near-drowning, diving injury, slip and fall accidents
  • Horseback riding accidents: Falls, kicks, bites, trampling
  • Recreational vehicles: ATV accidents, utility vehicle crashes, snowmobile accidents
  • Health hazards: Fires, electrical shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, chemical exposure

Proving Negligence of Businesses & Corporations

We work to prove negligence (faulty equipment, code violations), breach of a legal duty (failure to supervise, failure to warn), intentional acts (assault), or unreasonable risk. Certain activities, such as rock climbing or renting a Jet Ski, carry an assumption of risk on the part of the individual. If you signed a waiver, you may be unable to recover or be limited in your recovery. The defense can also claim comparative negligence on the part of the victim, which would bar recovery or reduce compensation. Our lawyers will thoroughly review the facts of your case.

No Recovery, No Attorney Fees

Don't accept a settlement or assume that you have no case without talking to a Schuylkill County vacation injury lawyer. We would like to offer you a consultation to discuss your rights and options. With over 55 years of experience and strong ties to our community, we are here to protect the injured and the wronged throughout Pennsylvania.

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