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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Examining the Risks Involved with Texting While Driving

    Texting has long been incorporated into the everyday lives of people both in Pottsville and throughout the rest of the U.S. In fact, according to Department of Transportation’s website, research from late 2014 showed that Americans send an average of 169.3 billion text messages each month. With texting becoming such a routine activity, it is little wonder that many have begun to ...
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  • Driving Too Fast for Conditions Likely Cause of Semi Accident

    It may be common knowledge amongst drivers in Pottsville that special care should be taken when driving in certain conditions. Rain, snow, fog, and even high-speed winds can cause drivers to lose control while on the road. One can only imagine that if such conditions make driving difficult for those operating normal vehicles, how much more difficult must it be for truck drivers? Their vehicles are ...
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  • How Bad Can a Back Injury Be?

    Given the lack of protection you get from your motorcycle in an accident, most in Pottsville may think your chances of walking away from such an event to be fairly slim. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 88,000 motorcycle accident injuries in the U.S. in 2013 as opposed to only 4,668 fatalities. Thus, if you are able to emerge from an accident ...
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  • Examining the Issue of Driving While Medicated

    Many of the clients that we here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C. assist who have been involved in car accidents in Pottsville often believe the drivers that hit them were impaired. If you have been involved in accident caused by the unexplained reckless of driving of another, you should remember that alcohol and illicit drugs are not the only agents of impairment. Over-the-counter and ...
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  • Collecting Hit-and-Run Evidence Other Than a License Plate Number

    Many of those that were involved in hit-and-run accidents in Pottsville who come to us here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C. for help do so with very little information regarding the drivers that struck them. If you or a loved one are ever hit by a car while walking or crossing the street, making a mental note of the license plate number of the vehicle involved may not be the first thing ...
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  • Detailing the Duty to Render Aid in Pennsylvania

    When considering hit-and-run accidents in Pottsville, most may immediately think of auto-pedestrian collisions. However, a hit-and-run includes any instance where the driver of a vehicle that caused an accident flees the scene, regardless of whether the accident involved pedestrians or other vehicles. Despite the perception that it is common knowledge that such activity is considered unlawful, ...
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  • Fatal Limo Accident Has Both Drivers Involved Facing Charges

    Most in Pottsville would likely only classify semi-trucks or tractor-trailers as commercial vehicles. Yet the truth is that any vehicle being used for a commercial purpose can also fall into this classification. This includes those vehicles used to transport passengers. The drivers of these vehicles not only face some of the same operational concerns that truckers do, but they have the added ...
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  • What duties does a motorcyclist have to you as a passenger?

    If you know someone in Pottsville who owns a motorcycle and from whom you frequently enjoy motorcycle rides, then you should be aware that your protection as a passenger is as limited as his or hers is. You may even be at a greater risk given that you are not in control of the bike. Given this increased risk, it may be beneficial for you know what responsibilities your motorcyclist friend owes to ...
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  • Understanding drugged driving

    For the car accident victims that come to see is here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C., the guidelines in proving that those who caused their accidents may have been under the influence of alcohol may seem quite clear. The same may not be said about proving another’s impairment was due to drug use. If you suspect that the driver who struck you was on drugs at the time of the accident, ...
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  • Bellevue Road Sees Second Auto-Pedestrian Accident in 4 Months

    For many in Pottsville, a single auto-pedestrian accident may be an indication of negligence on the part of the driver. While certainly not acceptable, it may be easy for some to understand a driver having a momentary lapse in judgment that results in him or her striking a pedestrian. However, if multiple auto-pedestrian accidents happen in the same location, then questions may start to be raised ...
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  • Are There Rules for Following Cars Too Closely in Pennsylvania?

    If you are frequent driver, then it is likely that you have encountered a situation on Pottsville’s roads where another driver was following your vehicle too closely. Aside from being intimidating, having a vehicle riding your back bumper may increase the risk of an accident and significant injury occurring to both you and the driver of the other vehicle should you be forced to stop. You may think ...
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  • Defining on-duty hours for truck drivers

    Most of those with whom we work with here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban P.C. following truck accidents understand that truckers face challenges when on the road. What they may not know is that there are federal regulations in place that truck drivers are expected to adhere to in order to mitigate those challenges. These include the number of hours that a driver can be “on-duty” ...
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  • Reviewing a motorcyclist’s right to use of lane

    Motorcyclists in Pottsville may often fear that the motorists on the road around them do not pay enough attention when driving near them. While attempts have been made in recent years to raise awareness, inattentive drivers still rank high amongst the most common culprits of motorcycle accidents. One may wonder why so many drivers still seem incapable of sharing the road with motorcycles, ...
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  • Cell Phone Video Details Drunk Driving Accident in Penn Township

    Drunk driving accidents may seem to most in Pottsville to be open-and-shut cases. After all, as long as the allegedly drunk driver’s blood-alcohol content exceeds legal limits, most would presume that it would be difficult for him or her to avoid claiming fault for an accident. However, accident cases involving drunk drivers often are not that simple. Victims who are seeking civil damages from a ...
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  • What should you do immediately after a hit-and-run accident?

    Despite the assumption that most in Pottsville know not to leave the scene of an auto accident involving a pedestrian, statistics show that countless hit-and-run accidents continue to happen every year. If fact, information gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows nearly one out of every five pedestrian fatalities comes as the result of a hit-and-run collision. If you ...
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