What duties does a motorcyclist have to you as a passenger?

If you know someone in Pottsville who owns a motorcycle and from whom you frequently enjoy motorcycle rides, then you should be aware that your protection as a passenger is as limited as his or hers is. You may even be at a greater risk given that you are not in control of the bike. Given this increased risk, it may be beneficial for you know what responsibilities your motorcyclist friend owes to you as his or her passenger. Understanding these requirements may help ensure that he or she complies with them while giving you a ride, or help provide you with vital information should you be forced into seeking compensation from him or her following a motorcycle accident.

The Special Rules for Motorcycles can be found in Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code. In there, it is stated that motorcyclists in the state are required to abide by the following rules regarding passengers:

Regarding seating, your motorcyclist friend must ensure that you are seated facing forward, with both legs straddling the vehicle.

Interestingly enough, your motorcyclist friend’s responsibilities do not include ensuring that you are wearing a helmet. As long as you are over 21 years of age, the decision is up to, regardless of any requirements he or she may have to wear one.