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Workers’ Comp Claims for Injured Warehouse Workers in Schuylkill, Luzerne and Northumberland

Are you a distribution center worker in Schuylkill who has been in a workplace accident? You should be entitled to workers’ compensation that helps you recover without draining your finances. However, your employer and their insurer might not make the matter simple for you. Paying workers’ compensation claims can be costly for the insurer and the employer alike, so they might look for a way to deny your case.

The Law Offices of Anthony Urban can help you create, file, and pursue your workers’ compensation claim after an injury at a distribution center or warehouse. As long-time locals, we are familiar with some of the biggest corporations and companies with distribution centers in the Schuylkill region. Use our experience and insight to your advantage.

We can assist distribution center workers from the following corporations and more:

  • Amazon
  • Auto Zone
  • Dollar General
  • Frito-Lay
  • Humbolt
  • Highridge
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Lowe’s
  • Michaels
  • Saint Clair
  • Samsung
  • Tyson Foods
  • Walmart
  • Wegmans

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Distribution Center Injuries

Working in a busy distribution center can be hazardous, especially when the safety protocols at the center are not prioritized. When a workplace accident happens, the worker should be able to get workers’ compensation. Even if the worker admitted to making a mistake that contributed to the accident, they are not disqualified from receiving benefits, like medical costs and a portion of missing wages.

Injuries and accidents that can happen in distribution centers and warehouses include:

  • Crush injuries
  • Caught-in machinery accidents
  • Struck by moving vehicle accidents
  • Hearing loss
  • Back injuries
  • Lifting injuries
  • Forklift injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Truck accident injuries
  • Parking lot injuries
  • And so on

If your injury is serious enough to require medical attention, then it is serious enough to warrant a workers’ compensation claim. Do not risk losing your chance at getting the benefits you need and deserve. Contact our Schuylkill distribution center accident attorneys today for help managing all aspects of your case.

Distribution Driver Accidents

Our law firm can also assist distribution center workers who drive products and shipments to and from the center. On any given day, a busy distribution center can see dozens or hundreds of commercial vehicles come and go. Each of those drivers will face different workplace hazards than their coworkers in the center because of their role that takes them onto public streets.

Let us know if you were driving a company vehicle to or from a distribution center when you were in an accident. If your negligence behind the wheel contributed to the crash, you could still be fully eligible to file for and receive workers’ compensation benefits. We can sort through the details of your case and figure out your eligibility.

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We are proud to support the people of our communities who have been injured at work and now need legal help managing a workers’ compensation claim. If you were hurt while working in a distribution center in Schuylkill, please do not delay in asking us for assistance. We are standing by to evaluate your case and set you down the right path for the best possible recovery.

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