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Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Reviewing right-of-way laws for Pennsylvania

    In the minds of many motorists in Pottsville, there may a perceived hierarchy of vehicles on the road. Those who follow this line of thinking may automatically place cars, trucks, and SUV’s right at the top of this list, mistakenly thinking that other vehicles must yield the right-of-way to them. Unfortunately, this line of thinking may be a contributing factor to many of the 3,284 motorcycle ...
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  • Manslaughter for drunk driver who killed Waynesboro woman

    When the question of drunk driving arises amongst people in Pottsville, one question that many may have is what sort of responsibility do the passengers in a vehicle driven by a drunken driver assume. Some may argue that they assume the risk that the impaired motorist presents by allowing him or her to drive. Others may contend that their trust in driver’s abilities should be respected, or that ...
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  • What do flashing traffic signals mean?

    You, like most everyone else in Pottsville, have likely come up upon a flashing traffic signal and not been quite sure of what to do. Yet if you are not sure of how to proceed at such an intersection, imagine how confused pedestrians feel. If you’re standing at an intersection whose traffic signals are flashing and are waiting to cross on foot, the uncertainty displayed by drivers may put you in ...
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  • Examining the dangers of rear-end collisions

    Many in Pottsville may believe that only high-speed collisions resulting in extensive vehicle damage can produce injuries that require victims to pursue compensation. Thus, when they are involved in simple rear-end accidents that apparently produce minimal damage, they may assume their potential to suffer a debilitating injury to be low. Research, however, seems to suggest that they could be ...
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  • Reviewing operating guidelines for truckers on slick roads

    With the winter season in Pottsville comes the increased chance for rain, snow, and sleet. Along with these natural elements come slick roads and adverse driving conditions. Even the most experienced motorists may have trouble navigating on the roads during storms. Indeed, the Road Weather Management Program of the Federal Highway Administration reports as many as 61 percent of all vehicle crashes ...
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