Reviewing right-of-way laws for Pennsylvania

In the minds of many motorists in Pottsville, there may a perceived hierarchy of vehicles on the road. Those who follow this line of thinking may automatically place cars, trucks, and SUV’s right at the top of this list, mistakenly thinking that other vehicles must yield the right-of-way to them. Unfortunately, this line of thinking may be a contributing factor to many of the 3,284 motorcycle crashes that occurred in the state in 2014 according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

In reality, right-of-way laws extend to all vehicles, including motorcycles. The law makes no distinction between vehicles in this regard, requiring drivers who are in a position to yield to do so at all times, not just to other motorists. Just when are drivers expected to yield? The Rules of the Road in General for Pennsylvania list the following driving scenarios:

While motorists are expected to extend the aforementioned courtesies to motorcyclists, those traveling on motorcycles are also expected to operate their bikes in as safe of a manner as possible. For example, while no laws prohibit motorcyclists from going between cars, such a practice may carry with it an inherent risk.