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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Icy roads in Berks County wreak havoc--and injury

    It is no secret that Pennsylvania roads can be covered with ice and-or snow during the winter months. Yet how many Pottsville, Pennsylvania, area residents have seen a car fly by on ice covered roads as if it were a summer day with dry roads? Driving safely in the winter may take more preparation than during the summer months. When travel is necessary during wintry weather conditions, extra time ...
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  • Michelin recalls 1.2 million tires over product defect

    A malfunction in the tires of a vehicle can lead to serious risk of injuries for anyone in the vehicle, as well as for anyone in the zone of danger. A blown tire can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. That should be fairly obvious. Our Pottsville area readers would understand that the tires are where the rubber meets the road….literally. A potential defect with some Michelin tires has ...
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  • MADD: keep the holiday spirit in your heart when driving

    Having an alcoholic beverage or two is a part of many holiday celebrations. It is a statement that many people would likely say is true. Knowing that, MADD’s national President Jan Withers asks that party goers simply “decide before they even leave the home, before they even have their first drink, how they’re going to get home with a designated, non-drinking driver.” Why the request? Because it ...
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  • Drunk driving fatality turns into manhunt in Pennsylvania

    Auto accidents are sudden, surprising and often tragic incidents that leave victims struggling to move past injuries or grief. A drunk driving accident victim may also struggle with anger toward the at-fault driver. Pottsville, Pennsylvania, readers may certainly understand if a man who lost his girlfriend recently in a nearby county harbored anger or other emotions toward the driver who caused ...
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  • Semi-truck accident leads to fatal chain reaction in Pennsylvania

    Police are investigating a series of multi-vehicle crashes that occurred on Sunday, Nov. 23 in Pennsylvania. The accidents, which occurred on I-81 N, started with a tractor trailer accident. The truck and trailer jack-knifed early Sunday morning, coming to rest over both northbound traffic lanes. The truck was then hit by another tractor-trailer that could not stop in time. That accident began a ...
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  • Three killed, four injured in Pennsylvania head-on crash

    Three people were killed and four other people were injured in a head-on collision in Sharon, Pennsylvania, around 10:00 last Friday evening. Authorities say that four friends had gone to see a playoff football game Friday evening and the fatal accident occurred when the teens were on the way home after the game. Police say that alcohol, drugs and texting are not suspected in the fatal accident. ...
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  • Watch for deer this fall season in Pennsylvania

    With fall season in full swing, it is important for drivers in Pennsylvania to be aware of the risks they face on the road. Car accidents can happen in an instant and many drivers may not even be aware of what caused the accident. However, there is one risk all drivers in the state should be aware of this fall: deer. Collisions with deer are common during the fall season in Pennsylvania. Deer ...
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  • Police: Man who killed lawn mower rider charged with DUI homicide

    In August we reported a story of a fatal accident where a man riding on a lawn mower was killed in a rear-end accident in Hamilton Township, Pennsylvania. Police say that an Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, man was driving the vehicle that was involved in the fatal crash. Now, after police have developed more information related to the fatal accident, the 44-year-old Abbottstown man has been charged ...
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  • 2 motorcycles, SUV collide in Pennsylvania; 5 killed

    A chain-reaction motor-vehicle accident has claimed the lives of several people in south-central Pennsylvania. An initial head-on wreck on a two lane road was followed by a motorcycle running broadside into a sport utility vehicle involved in the wreck. Often, an initial crash may lead to other vehicles becoming involved as the forces of a crash can send vehicles scattering in unexpected ...
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  • 1 killed, 2 injured in fiery Route 125 car accident

    State Police from the Schuylkill Haven station say that the actions of five men saved the life of a passenger in a Buick Century that had burst into flames in a two-vehicle accident Saturday. The driver of the sedan could not be saved after the fiery car crash. Authorities believe that the sedan pulled out in front of an oncoming Hummer H2 on Route 125 a few minutes before 3:30 Saturday afternoon. ...
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  • Greyhound bus slams into truck on I-80 injuring 44, killing 1

    An early morning wreck in Union County, Pennsylvania, has left one person dead and 44 people with personal injuries. Authorities say that a Greyhound bus traveling through Pennsylvania slammed into the rear of a tractor trailer on Interstate 80 at 1:41 Wednesday morning. Accident investigators have not determined what may have led to the rear-end accident. The driver of the tractor trailer says ...
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  • 10 vehicles pile up in I-83 wreck near Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

    Traffic patterns can change on any road, at any time of the day. The story of a massive pileup Thursday on Interstate 83 highlights how quickly a multi-vehicle crash can grow if a single driver fails to recognize a change in traffic—or if a mechanical failure occurs that impedes a driver’s ability to stop for slowing traffic. Pennsylvania State Police say that a mass of metal was left on ...
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  • Route 61 crash in New Castle Township claims 1, injures 2

    The Federal Highway Administration conducts research into road safety issues and also provides assistance to states in addressing and dealing with highway safety. The agency has a concept that it calls “crossing path” accidents. Most people may understand these types of wrecks as intersection crashes. While intersections are primarily where crossing path accidents may occur, these wrecks can occur ...
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  • Route 61 in New Castle Township claims two

    Another head-on wreck has happened on a Pennsylvania highway. The crash claimed the lives of two people and was discovered around 3:00 Saturday morning along Route 61 in New Castle Township. Authorities say that an off-duty Girardville police officer found the accident scene while on his way home from work. Officials say that the vehicles were so damaged that emergency responders needed about 45 ...
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  • Motorcylist killed in Harrisburg Pike wreck with Jeep

    Pennsylvania State Police continue to investigate a fatal motorcycle wreck that was reported Saturday evening shortly after 6:15 p.m. Authorities say that a 38-year-old Middletown, Pennsylvania, man was traveling west on Harrisburg Pike when the driver of a Jeep Liberty attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the man’s Harley Davidson. The rider was thrown from his Harley upon ...
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