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Watch for deer this fall season in Pennsylvania


With fall season in full swing, it is important for drivers in Pennsylvania to be aware of the risks they face on the road. Car accidents can happen in an instant and many drivers may not even be aware of what caused the accident. However, there is one risk all drivers in the state should be aware of this fall: deer.

Collisions with deer are common during the fall season in Pennsylvania. Deer roaming in the woods can frequently cross roads and even interstates so it is important for drivers to be extra cautious and look out for deer and other animals in the road to prevent an auto accident.

Deer-car collisions are not uncommon in the state and it looks like they are about to happen more often in the future. The American Automobile Association reported that there are more deer crossing the roads this year, and insurance claims have already doubled for accidents involving deer-car collisions.

Deer-car accident claims have increased by 10.6 percent in Pennsylvania during the last three years, according to the AAA. This means that more motorists are hitting deer and their vehicles are not the only thing at risk for being damaged.

Car accidents with deer can result in serious injuries to everyone involved in the crash. Last year, there were 3,362 car accidents involving deer in the state, with eight fatalities being reported, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

While it can be difficult to avoid all accidents involving deer, there are some ways drivers can try to prevent a collision with an animal this fall. Drivers should follow the safety tips listed below to reduce the risk of hitting a deer:

  • Watch for deer during dusk and dawn or areas known to have high populations of deer.
  • Slow down and use your bright lights when driving in rural roads.
  • Don't swerve to avoid hitting the deer. This could cause you to hit another vehicle, object or lose control of your vehicle and cause a roll-over.