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If you or a family member is charged with a crime in the Schuylkill County, Northumberland County or surrounding areas, it is important that you quickly retain legal counsel. At The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C., we have more than 60 years of experience and can provide you with the skilled and proven representation you need. Whether you were accused of any crime from shoplifting to murder, we can ensure your rights are protected at all times throughout legal proceedings.

Competent, Experienced Defense

In the time we have been in practice, we have had great success with the cases we have tried. When we take on a new criminal case, we commit ourselves to gathering evidence and building a strong defense strategy on our clients' behalf. It is important to retain our legal services as soon as possible after an arrest to protect your legal rights and begin mounting an effective defense.

Common Criminal Offenses We Defend

We realize that a criminal conviction can affect your freedom, your ability to drive, finances, employment, and standing in the community. Our experienced Schuylkill County criminal defense lawyer genuinely cares about each client we represent, and no one will work harder to beat the charges at trial or to resolve the case with the least possible consequences for you and your family.

If you choose our firm, you can trust that we can provide personal attention and accessibility. You can call us 24 hours a day and we respond promptly to your phone call. We take the time to meet with clients to discuss their situations and circumstances of their arrest.

We can handle all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges:

  • DUI and alcohol offenses
  • Drug charges (possession, distribution)
  • Traffic violations (speeding, reckless driving, suspended license)
  • Shoplifting, burglary and other property crimes
  • Assault, murder and other violent crimes
  • White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement)
  • Juvenile offenses

Drunk Driving & DUI Charges

Pennsylvania's drunk driving laws have only gotten stiffer in recent years. We have sufficient experience and knowledge in this field of law to navigate through the system to get less harsh treatment. First offenders may be able to keep their driver's license and qualify for Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD).

If the person pays the assessments and stays clean during probation, the charges are dismissed with no criminal record. A conviction for DUI or refusal to consent to testing, on the other hand, will result in loss of license for one year and other severe penalties.

For effective defense against allegations of any crime, contact us today at (888) 268-0023 to set up a case consultation with a Schuylkill County criminal defense attorney.


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