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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • Cell Phone Video Details Drunk Driving Accident in Penn Township

    Drunk driving accidents may seem to most in Pottsville to be open-and-shut cases. After all, as long as the allegedly drunk driver’s blood-alcohol content exceeds legal limits, most would presume that it would be difficult for him or her to avoid claiming fault for an accident. However, accident cases involving drunk drivers often are not that simple. Victims who are seeking civil damages from a ...
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  • What should you do immediately after a hit-and-run accident?

    Despite the assumption that most in Pottsville know not to leave the scene of an auto accident involving a pedestrian, statistics show that countless hit-and-run accidents continue to happen every year. If fact, information gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows nearly one out of every five pedestrian fatalities comes as the result of a hit-and-run collision. If you ...
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  • How can you argue one was driving too fast for conditions?

    You probably know or at least have heard stories of Pottsville drivers that have mastered all sorts of driving conditions. These people likely feel confident enough to drive at near normal speeds when snow and rain start to fall. This line of thinking may seem to fly in the face of the idea of driving too fast for certain conditions. Yet does such an idea have merit? Are there times when the ...
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  • Truck driver misses warning signs, collapses bridge

    Many of the truck drivers that navigate tractor-trailers around the streets of Pottsville are mindful of their surroundings and remain alert as to where they can and cannot conduct their vehicles. This is for good reason, as a simple lapse in judgment could deliver catastrophic results. When most speak of the catastrophic results of a truck accident , they are referring to loss of life. However, ...
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