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Blog Posts in February, 2016

  • Bellevue Road Sees Second Auto-Pedestrian Accident in 4 Months

    For many in Pottsville, a single auto-pedestrian accident may be an indication of negligence on the part of the driver. While certainly not acceptable, it may be easy for some to understand a driver having a momentary lapse in judgment that results in him or her striking a pedestrian. However, if multiple auto-pedestrian accidents happen in the same location, then questions may start to be raised ...
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  • Are There Rules for Following Cars Too Closely in Pennsylvania?

    If you are frequent driver, then it is likely that you have encountered a situation on Pottsville’s roads where another driver was following your vehicle too closely. Aside from being intimidating, having a vehicle riding your back bumper may increase the risk of an accident and significant injury occurring to both you and the driver of the other vehicle should you be forced to stop. You may think ...
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  • Defining on-duty hours for truck drivers

    Most of those with whom we work with here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban P.C. following truck accidents understand that truckers face challenges when on the road. What they may not know is that there are federal regulations in place that truck drivers are expected to adhere to in order to mitigate those challenges. These include the number of hours that a driver can be “on-duty” ...
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  • Reviewing a motorcyclist’s right to use of lane

    Motorcyclists in Pottsville may often fear that the motorists on the road around them do not pay enough attention when driving near them. While attempts have been made in recent years to raise awareness, inattentive drivers still rank high amongst the most common culprits of motorcycle accidents. One may wonder why so many drivers still seem incapable of sharing the road with motorcycles, ...
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