Bellevue Road Sees Second Auto-Pedestrian Accident in 4 Months

For many in Pottsville, a single auto-pedestrian accident may be an indication of negligence on the part of the driver. While certainly not acceptable, it may be easy for some to understand a driver having a momentary lapse in judgment that results in him or her striking a pedestrian. However, if multiple auto-pedestrian accidents happen in the same location, then questions may start to be raised about the safety of the spot, and whether or not the local city or municipality government should share in the liability for such a series of accidents.

This is a question that could start being asked by Bellevue residents after a second auto-pedestrian accident occurred along the same stretch of street in the last four months. This has prompted varying opinions form locals as to who is to blame for these events. Many think that motorists traveling along this particular road drive too aggressively, while others would place fault at the feet of the pedestrians crossing here. They blame the inattentiveness of the pedestrians walking in this area for the rise in accidents. Sadly, the most recent accident victim did not survive the collision. Details on the fate of the first accident victim were not shared.

If investigations show that the pedestrians struck here were obeying the law regarding where they should be on the road, then many may find it difficult to assign blame to them. Rather, the primary liability culprits could ultimately be the drivers that stuck them and/or the city for not providing safer road conditions. Those seeking compensation for accident victims may simply choose to go after both. Earning a fair settlement from these parties may become much easier if one has a personal injury attorney in his or her side.

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh “Woman hit and killed by vehicle along Ohio River Boulevard” Sykes, Katelyn Feb. 15, 2016