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Blog Posts in December, 2017

  • What Are My Options if My SSD Claim Was Denied?

    SSD benefits are for injured workers who have accumulated an adequate number of work credits. Also known as Social Security Disability Insurance, these benefits are funded through payroll taxes. Additionally, a recipient’s spouse and children dependents are eligible to receive partial benefits. However, if your benefits are denied for whatever reason, you can fight back against this injustice with ...
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  • Driving Safety Tips During the Winter

    Driving in the winter can be incredibly dangerous. Not only are accidents more likely to occur due to sleek and slippery roads, visibility is also far more limited. This means the rate of accidents undeniably spikes during the winter season, when the weather has an adverse effect on the road conditions. Ensuring your safety is our number one priority, so it is best you take the proper precautions ...
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