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Driving Safety Tips During the Winter


Driving in the winter can be incredibly dangerous. Not only are accidents more likely to occur due to sleek and slippery roads, visibility is also far more limited. This means the rate of accidents undeniably spikes during the winter season, when the weather has an adverse effect on the road conditions. Ensuring your safety is our number one priority, so it is best you take the proper precautions and care to prevent a fatality this holiday season.

Our legal team offers the following winter driving safety tips:

  • Check your tire inflation, as well as making sure you never mix radial tires with other kinds
  • Do not use cruise control, especially if the ground surface is slippery from ice, sleet, or rain
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Know your brakes as well as how to use them
  • Don’t power up when going uphill, as this will only cause your tires to spin out
  • Do not drive distracted (i.e., texting) or impaired (DUI)

If involved in an accident due to winter weather conditions, make sure you proceed with the following:

  • Put on your emergency/hazard lights to warn other drivers from afar
  • Call the police to make a report, and request emergency services if you or anyone else is injured
  • Exchange information if anyone else is involved

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