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Trucks pose a unique and heightened risk on the roadways due to their size and the strain put on truck drivers. Many shipping companies make ridiculous demands of their employees, expecting impossible results. To attempt to meet these goals, truck drivers often drive longer hours than is legally allowed, which unfortunately leads to a higher rate of accidents.

Common causes of trucking accidents include all of the following:

If you were one of the many victims whose lives were interrupted by a truck or tractor-trailer accident, you may be wondering how you can seek justice. You should not have to pay medical expenses for an accident that you didn't cause, but you may find yourself scrambling to make ends meet all the same. Insurance companies are notorious for offering settlements that are inadequate, leaving victims with the bill.

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Federal Trucking Regulations and Your Safety

Because of the risk large trucks pose in the event of an accident, truck drivers are heavily regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA has many rules truck drivers are required to follow; one of these rules is called the Hours of Service regulations. Since tired drivers are much more likely to cause an accident, either by a mistake they would not make if they were fully awake or by falling asleep at the wheel, these regulations seek to ensure that drivers are well-rested and not overextended while on the road.

The Hours of Service regulations state:

  • Truck drivers can work up to 14-hour in a day, but only 11 of these hours can be spent driving. The remaining three hours must be a meal or rest break.
  • After the workday has reached an end, truck drivers must rest for at least 10 consecutive hours.

Truck drivers are also required to take days off work at regular intervals. When these days off must happen is determined by the hours of the company a trucker drives for. If a trucking company is open seven days a week, a driver is only allowed to work 70 hours in an eight-day period before taking at least 34 consecutive hours off. If a trucking company is open less than seven days a week, then a driver is only allowed to work 60 hours in a seven-day period before taking 34 hours off.

All too often, truckers are caught breaking these rules, either by their own choice or at the encouragement of their employer. In rarer circumstances, the Hours of Service regulations are modified in times of national emergencies, such as in the recent COVID-19 crisis.

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