Fatal Limo Accident Has Both Drivers Involved Facing Charges

Most in Pottsville would likely only classify semi-trucks or tractor-trailers as commercial vehicles. Yet the truth is that any vehicle being used for a commercial purpose can also fall into this classification. This includes those vehicles used to transport passengers. The drivers of these vehicles not only face some of the same operational concerns that truckers do, but they have the added responsibility of ensuring the safety of the people that they transport. A failure to remember that standard could not only open a commercial vehicle driver up to liability concerns, but possibly criminal repercussions, as well.

Such is the case with a New York limo driver under whose watch 4 passengers were killed last year. The driver was transporting a total of eight women who has secured the ride as part of the celebration of a friend’s birthday. The commemoration soon turned tragic, however, after another vehicle struck the limo as it was attempting to make a U-turn. Responsibility for the accident was initially assigned to the driver of the other vehicle, who admitted to drinking prior to the accident. A portion of blame for the accident, however, is now being shifted to the limo driver. He now faces criminal charges for failing to exercise adequate caution while not having a clear view of oncoming traffic prior to initiating his turn.

Even in cases such as this where the driver of a transport vehicle is facing criminal charges for damages that his negligence caused to passengers, those same passengers are not excluded from being able to pursue a civil claim against him or her simultaneously. Those wishing to do so may be wise to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: Metro.us “Limo driver to be charged in Long Island that killed four women” Altamirano, Angy Mar. 16, 2016