Examining the Issue of Driving While Medicated

Many of the clients that we here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C. assist who have been involved in car accidents in Pottsville often believe the drivers that hit them were impaired. If you have been involved in accident caused by the unexplained reckless of driving of another, you should remember that alcohol and illicit drugs are not the only agents of impairment. Over-the-counter and prescription medications often produce side effects that could make those driving with such drugs in their systems just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Several medications prescribed by doctors are known to make users drowsy, dizzy, or experience things such as blurred vision. These potential side effects are often explained by the provider at the time he or she prescribes a medication. They may also be written on medication labels or included in package inserts. Yet actually proving that a driver was suffering from the side effects of a medication at the time he or she was involved in an accident may be difficult, as different people metabolize medicines at different rates.

Pennsylvania law states that one who is driving after having taken a drug or a series of drugs which could impair his or her ability to drive may be guilty of operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance. Proving that the driver that hit you was negligent in taking his or her medication prior to driving may be easier then chemically verifying he or she was suffering from its effects. If he or she happened to mention that he or she was on a medication, and that medication is known to produce impairment, you may be able to make a claim of negligence.

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