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Driving Too Fast for Conditions Likely Cause of Semi Accident


It may be common knowledge amongst drivers in Pottsville that special care should be taken when driving in certain conditions. Rain, snow, fog, and even high-speed winds can cause drivers to lose control while on the road. One can only imagine that if such conditions make driving difficult for those operating normal vehicles, how much more difficult must it be for truck drivers? Their vehicles are already difficult to maneuver. Add poor driving conditions into the mix, and one can easily see how such a combination could pose a real danger. Thus, it becomes imperative that truckers keep road and weather conditions in mind when operating their vehicles.

An alleged lack of doing so may have been the cause of an accident along a stretch of interstate in Illinois involving two semi-trucks. Early reports say that one of the truck drivers was likely driving too fast given the conditions at the time. Local meteorologists say that when the accident occurred, the entire area was blanketed by a thick fog that could have reduced visibility down to just a quarter of a mile. While the official results of the subsequent accident investigation conducted by local and state officials have yet to be released, it is believed that the at-fault will likely be cited. The condition of both drivers following the accident was not reported.

Legal guidelines are in place that detail the added care that should be taken by drivers when road conditions are poor. Semi-truck drivers who allegedly choose to ignore them could find both themselves as well as the companies they work for facing liability claims should they end up causing an accident. Accident victims pursuing such claims may want to enlist the help of an experienced attorney when doing so.

Source: Galesburg Register Mail “Semi driver likely to be cited in I-74 crash” Connelly, Robert, Apr. 21, 2016