Pennsylvania truck accident leaves three dead along I-78

According to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation statistics, an eight-mile section of I-78 east of Exit 40 is one of the deadliest stretches of highway in the state. In fact, 40 percent more fatal accidents happen on that portion of I-78 than on other state highways.

Even non-fatal car crashes happen at a rate of more than 70 percent higher along that stretch of road. A recent truck accident in that area is an unfortunate example of the high mortality rate near that exit.

A seven-vehicle crash started by a tractor-trailer along this stretch of roadway left three people dead recently.

Traffic had slowed on the road and the truck driver struck the car in front of him. Several cars were crushed from the impact of the tractor-trailer and four vehicles were engulfed in flames.

When the trucker saw the car in front of him encompassed by flames, he started to back up, dragging the vehicle under his truck for about 70 feet and setting the cab of the tractor-trailer on fire. The truck driver managed to escape, but three people in cars in front of him were killed.

While construction was going on in the general area of the crash, workers at the scene said that around the time of the accident traffic around the construction site was moving steadily. As the investigation continues, one official said charges will likely be brought against the truck driver who started the fatal multi-vehicle crash.

Only time will tell what exactly caused the accident. But in the meantime, the three people killed likely have family members and friends that will suffer significant grief and possibly economic losses due to the deaths.

While those injured and survivors of the deceased motorists struggle with the task of putting their lives back together, consulting an attorney who works with personal injury cases may help them understand their rights and whether any damages may be recovered as a result of the tragedy.