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Cop, pedestrian critically injured in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania wreck


A woman sitting on her front steps was critically injured Saturday evening when two cars slammed into each other and the force of the impact forced the vehicles toward the bystander. Law enforcement continues to investigate the serious car accident that left a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania police officer and the woman critically injured. Details about the accident remain sketchy as officials try to reconstruct the accident scene.

Authorities say that the officer was driving a police sport utility vehicle that collided with a second car. Two parked cars were also struck in the wreck. The police SUV reportedly flipped over and struck the woman who was outside of her residence when the wreck erupted in front of her home.

Police say that the SUV landed partially upon the woman, severely injuring the innocent bystander. The driver of the second car involved in the accident reportedly was on parole from state prison--officials say that crack cocaine was found in the civilian vehicle involved in the injury accident.

The District Attorney in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania says that the wreck may have occurred during a police pursuit. However, the Harrisburg Mayor says that the city has a no-pursuit policy, according to The Patriot-News. The city turned the accident investigation over to county officials. Whether the accident involved a police pursuit gone bad remains under investigation.

The police officer and the innocent bystander each sustained critical injuries--they were taken to Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center for treatment. Authorities say that the victims remained listed in critical condition as of Monday evening.

The civilian driver involved in the wreck reportedly suffered minor injuries. He is currently in custody and criminal charges are likely.

Police say that the officer's K-9 partner was treated at a clinic in Lower Allen Township and was released from the animal trauma center Monday.

In many instances, people may think of a pedestrian accident as an incident in, or near, a crosswalk. However, pedestrians of any age may be injured after a motor vehicle wreck occurs nearby, as the story highlights. Car accidents can occur in the blink of an eye--anyone in the zone of danger can be exposed to the risk of serious injury when drivers lose control of their vehicles.

Source: The Patriot-News, "Suspected crack cocaine found in vehicle of man involved in dangerous crash with Harrisburg police," Jeremy Arias, April 22, 2013

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