Route 309 pedestrian accident claims teen in Hatfield

Any pedestrian accident can be heart-wrenching. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to severe injury and even death in an accident involving a motor vehicle. A gut-wrenching story out of Hatfield Township, Pennsylvania indicates that a 15-year-old teenager lost his life after being struck while walking with friends Friday night in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Authorities say that a group of five young people were walking along Route 309 shortly after 11:30 Friday night. Hatfield Police say that a car struck the 15-year-old, causing severe blunt force injuries to the pedestrian accident victim. The young man was found near the shoulder and taken to Lehigh Valley Medical Center, where doctors pronounced the young man dead roughly an hour after the accident.

Law enforcement says that a Toyota Corolla was found parked in a lot near the scene of the fatal accident. The Corolla showed signs of damage on the passenger side of the vehicle. Authorities identified the driver of the Toyota, and believe that the car and driver are linked to the fatal accident.

Law enforcement continues to investigate the fatal accident and have reportedly interviewed the driver who police believe was involved in the wreck. The driver has not been identified.

Accident investigations, especially those involving a fatality, can often take time. Investigations, whether official or privately conducted, may provide important information for families of accident victims that can help provide some sense of closure after a tragic loss. Few details about the accident investigation have been revealed in the public media.