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Pedestrian struck by drunk driver on golf cart in Tullytown


A story from the St. Michael’s Fair is not the usual pedestrian accident story. Similarly, it is not the routine drunk driving accident story. Unfortunately, the unusual tale involves a woman who sustained serious injuries—which Pottsville personal injury lawyers know are all too common in both drunk driving and pedestrian accidents.

Police in Tullytown, Pennsylvania, were called to the St. Michaels Fair around 10:30 on June 27. Law enforcement was aware that the accident involved a pedestrian. Police found a woman suffering a great deal of pain and learned that the woman had been struck by a golf cart on the grounds where the carnival was being held. Officials say that the woman suffered serious injury.

During the golf cart and pedestrian accident investigation, law enforcement says that the man driving the golf cart admitted to having consumed alcohol.

The man eventually was processed on felony charges for the injury accident and for allegedly driving under the influence. It is not clear from a story in Levittown Now where the golf cart came from that was involved in the injury accident.

It is well-known that drunk driving accidents cause far too many injuries. Accident victims of drunk driving accidents may not always understand that the person accused of DUI may not be the only actor who was negligent.

If an establishment or bar serves a person who is visibly intoxicated at the time of service and that patron later injures someone in a drunk driving wreck, the accident victim may have a legal claim against the bar under Pennsylvania’s dram shop laws and liquor liability laws.