Motorcycle hits pedestrian along Schuylkill Expressway

One thing can lead to another on just about any roadway. Traffic accidents may start as a simple attempt of one driver to change lanes, leading to impact between vehicles. A single-car accident may distract a driver somewhere near the accident scene, resulting in a chain reaction wreck involving other vehicles. A recent double-fatal wreck appears to have occurred after a single car accident left a car disabled and the driver left the disabled car.

Pennsylvania State Police say that North Wales resident ran into a guardrail around 1:00 Tuesday morning while taking the ramp from Interstate 476 to eastbound I-76. The car apparently was disabled on the ramp and the 20-year-old Montgomery County, Pennsylvania man left is car behind and began walking.

Authorities believe that the pedestrian may have been traveling on foot in the traffic lane of the interstate. Meanwhile, a group of people on motorcycles were traveling in the right lane of eastbound I-76 and approached the pedestrian.

One of the bikes struck the man on foot, throwing the pedestrian toward the shoulder and ejecting the 40-year-old Philadelphia man from his bike. The pedestrian and motorcycle accident killed both men.

State police think that a third vehicle may have also been involved in the wreck. However, authorities say that any third vehicle that may have been involved did not factor into the double-fatality. It is not clear if anyone from the third vehicle suffered injury.

Police continue to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the crash. Traffic was diverted for an initial investigation at the scene and to allow crews to clear the scene. Traffic was restored to normal around 6:00 Tuesday morning, according to police.

Fatal accidents can leave families of the victims looking for answers. In some cases it may be difficult to determine whether negligence occurred. In others, negligence may seem more apparent. Where negligence is involved, accident victims or their families may be able to pursue remedies available through the legal system and seek to hold a negligent actor accountable.