Examining the Cost of a TBI Following a Motorcycle Accident

For many of the victims and families of Pottsville motorcycle crash victims that we work with here at The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C., the net result of those accidents is a traumatic brain injury. Given that Pennsylvania state law does not mandate the use of helmets, such an outcome is not all that surprising. If you or a loved have suffered such an injury in a motorcycle collision, understanding what may be in store for you in the future may serve to influence your decision regarding what, if any, legal recourse you choose to pursue.

Unlike injuries to other body systems, TBI’s typically do not follow a standard healing process. As the brain controls your physical and mental capabilities, progress in recovering from such an injury must be measured in functional recovery. Even with today’s technology, medical professionals still are unable to firmly predict if and when neurological, cognitive, or emotional function will ever return to pre-accident levels.

This can leave you having to deal with lingering effects and expenses that go well beyond yours or your loved one’s initial recovery period. In some cases, the assistance needed to deal with those effects may be required for years, or even for the remainder of yours or his or her life. Couple that with the impact that a TBI can have on quality of life, as well as the ability to return to work, and you can see how the expense of such an injury can quickly become inordinate.

Just how big of an expense could you be dealing with? Data shared by BrainandSpinalCord.org broke down the average lifetime cost of TBI’s as follows:

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