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When Is One Too Drunk to Drive?


Although auto accidents are fairly common to most in Pottsville, that’s not to say that they happen randomly. Usually, they are the result of a failure on the part of either one of the vehicles or the drivers involved. If another car has struck you, then you may be wondering if that failure was due to drunk driving. Most are likely well aware by now of the dangers presented by drunk driving. At the same time, many believe that they know their bodies well enough to discern when to stop drinking in order to retain a certain degree of control behind the wheel. This raises the question of at what point is someone too drunk to drive.

The fact that the blood-alcohol content level at which someone can be convicted or drunk driving is .08 is well known. This is true in Pennsylvania, as well in most other states in the U.S. However, some may allow this to confuse them into thinking as long their BAC is below the legal limit, they’re fit to drive. That’s not the case. According to the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual released by the state’s Department of Transportation, those with a BAC of .04 (half the legal limit) were still 2-7x more likely to be involved in accident than their peers.

Furthermore, the laws regarding the 0.08 only say that it is the level at which one can be convicted of drunk driving. It does not name it as a safe level to which one may drink and still avoid impairment. Thus, if you were struck by a driver who had been drinking, he or she does not necessarily need to blow a .08 for you to still pursue damages in a civil claim.