Man on riding lawn mower killed in Hamilton Township crash

Drivers or passengers in a motor vehicle that is rear ended by another vehicle can suffer a wide variety of injuries. When the concept of a rear-end crash comes up, many people in Pottsville may conjure images of a wreck at an intersection where one driver fails to slow for a stopped car. A highway wreck can involve a rear-end collision in traffic jams, or when a driver is simply speeding. Any of these scenarios may cause serious personal injuries for anyone involved in the wreck.

A recent wreck in Hamilton Township, Pennsylvania, may not seem like the normal rear-end collision. But, it did result in the tragic loss of life for a 55-year-old New Oxford, Pennsylvania, man. State police say that the accident victim was traveling east on a riding mower along what authorities say was near the side or edge of a road when a pickup slammed into the rear of the machine. The pickup ran off into a nearby pumpkin patch.

The man riding the lawn mower was killed in the wreck. Officials say that the pickup driver complained of injuries after the crash—he was transported to an area hospital for evaluation. Pennsylvania State Police continue to investigate the crash. Police say that speed could have been a factor in the fatal accident. Law enforcement is also investigating whether or not alcohol played a role in the fatal wreck. The accident was reported around 3:60 Wednesday afternoon.

No charges have been filed related to the fatal accident. Police continue to work with prosecutors on the case.