Van being towed on I-81 detaches near Pine Grove injuring woman

The potential causes of motor vehicle accidents may seem endless at times. Generally, we as a culture may believe that driver error in navigating a curve, mechanical error and other similar issues are involved in creating an accident. These ideas may commonly be true, but drunk driving, distractions behind the wheel and similar safety problems seem to make the news on a frequent basis.

But, dangers on the road may involve objects that can be catapulted out of the back of a vehicle, or even a rogue vehicle being detached while being towed. That is what authorities say is behind a motor vehicle wreck on Interstate 81 Sunday afternoon.

Law enforcement stationed in Jonestown, Pennsylvania say that a Florida man was driving a school bus on I-81 Sunday afternoon with an unoccupied Ford van in tow. The van was being dragged by a tow dolly when something went wrong on northbound I-81 near Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.

Authorities say that the tow dolly detached from the bus, sending the unoccupied van on a rogue rampage through the grassy median toward southbound traffic.

A 57-year-old Virginia woman was heading south on the interstate in her Honda, but was not able to avoid the rogue van. Police believe that the woman hit the brakes, but her Honda smashed into the uncontrolled van.

A crash on any interstate can be dangerous for anyone involved.

Thankfully, it appears that the woman whose car was struck by the rogue van suffered only minor injuries. However, the true extent of the injuries has not necessarily been fully realized. Police say that the woman sustained injuries to her chest and arm and received treatment at the scene.

Police continue to investigate the issue. Many questions may be left unanswered at this point. It is not clear if an issue with the hitch or dolly may have been involved, or if the van and dolly were properly attached before the wreck. What may have caused the van to dislodge from the bus apparently is unanswered at this point.