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Flat tire in serious I-81 Franklin County motorcycle crash


Pennsylvania State Police say that an apparent flat tire led to major injuries for two out-of-state residents last week on Interstate 81 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Authorities say that to two New York residents were on a Harley riding north on the interstate when a tire blew around 7:15 p.m. on June 5. The two people riding the motorcycle suffered major personal injuries in the interstate motorcycle wreck. Each of the motorcycle accident victims suffered cuts to the face and hands, according to Pennsylvania State Police. The full extent of injuries, however, is not known from a report in the Herald-Mail.

Authorities say that the Harley slid for only about 30 feet after crashing. The two people injured in the wreck reportedly were able to make it out of the traffic lanes. The two waited on the left shoulder of the road for emergency responders to arrive as the bike remained on the interstate. The motorcycle accident victims were taken to a hospital in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, for treatment.

When a tire fails on the road on any kind of vehicle the risk of injury rises dramatically. The sudden loss of air pressure can cause a driver to lose control. When a tire blows on a motorcycle, the risk of crash is apparent.

Many different situations can lead to tire failure. Old bald tires may be susceptible to blowing out on the road. Road hazards, such as debris or potholes, can puncture a tire or cause it to blow. Defective tires may also lead to an accident. Sometimes, a tire may just blow. An Investigation after a crash may help accident victims to find answers as to the cause.