10 vehicles pile up in I-83 wreck near Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

Traffic patterns can change on any road, at any time of the day. The story of a massive pileup Thursday on Interstate 83 highlights how quickly a multi-vehicle crash can grow if a single driver fails to recognize a change in traffic—or if a mechanical failure occurs that impedes a driver’s ability to stop for slowing traffic.

Pennsylvania State Police say that a mass of metal was left on Interstate 83 Thursday afternoon after 10 vehicles piled up in a chain reaction crash. Authorities do not know what led to a slowdown in traffic along the interstate that afternoon. But, officials say that the driver of a tractor trailer did not slow in time for the flow of traffic. The truck slammed into the rear of a car around 1:30 in the afternoon Thursday. That truck accident started chain-reaction crash, which ultimately involved 10 vehicles.

Authorities say that multiple tractor trailers, several cars and even a tow truck were tangled in the interstate wreck near Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. The vehicles were more than scattered along the interstate—officials say that the tow truck rolled onto its side. When officials refer to the mess a pileup, they apparently mean that literally--trucks were found resting on top of vehicles in the aftermath of the accident.

Thankfully, State Police say that it appears that nobody suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash. Seven people suffered personal injuries requiring medical attention at the hospital. The full extent and nature of the injuries have not been fully disclosed.

Crews spent hours clearing the debris from the busy interstate. Officials continue to investigate what went wrong before the wreck in an effort to determine potential causes. Officials do not know if the initial impact resulted from a mechanical issue, potential driver error or other factors. No citations have been issued as the probe continues.