Jogger killed along Route 873 in Lehigh County

When a person is injured or killed in an accident, families often have many questions about what happened. A recent accident near Slatington, Pennsylvania, may underscore how details may seem elusive after an accident occurs. A 47-year-old woman apparently was out for a jog on Wednesday morning when she was hit by a vehicle.

Authorities say that the North Whitehall Township woman was running on the northbound shoulder of Route 873. A 54-year-old Lehighton, Pennsylvania, man was traveling southbound when, for unknown reasons, police say he crossed over from the southbound lane all the way to the northbound shoulder before striking the jogger. The woman suffered grave injuries in the accident. Authorities say that she passed away roughly 45 minutes after being hit.

Police and other authorities continue to investigate the fatal accident.

People often use roads in different ways, and for different purposes. Bicyclists may hit the road to have a workout, or some may be out for a leisurely bike ride. Similarly, pedestrians may be out for a stroll, or seeking to maintain fitness. People may seek to use the roadside to get to work without a car.

Unfortunately, bicyclists and pedestrians have little protection in an accident involving a moving vehicle on the road. Drivers of motor vehicles have a general duty to be on the lookout for other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Things can happen that can turn into a tragedy. As a culture we often look to law enforcement to sort out some details about what may have led to an accident. In others, the answers may seem elusive without more investigation—an independent investigation may turn up new facts.