Bus involved in intersection accident lands on car in Hampton Twp

Last week we discussed that people use our roads in different ways. Many people each year are injured or killed in accidents where the victim seemingly never should have been involved in the accident. Last week’s story involved a jogger struck by a car that had crossed over through the oncoming lane to strike the jogger on the shoulder. Few people would expect to have to dodge a car that should be on the opposite side of the road.

Another area where people can be exposed to danger by surprise is at an intersection. Pedestrians standing near an intersection or motorists stopped at a light are frequently exposed to dangers from other motorists. An intersection accident between a school bus and a pickup truck cost a man in a third vehicle his life Friday morning.

Authorities say that a bus was heading south on Route 8 in Hampton Township, Pennsylvania. The driver attempted to make a left-hand turn. A northbound pickup truck slammed into the turning school bus. The force of the accident forced the bus to topple over. A car stopped at the intersection was sitting in the zone of danger from the initial accident.

Authorities say that the bus essentially was lifted off the pavement before it crashed down on the stopped vehicle, according to WPXI. The 28 year-old driver of the car was pronounced dead a short time later at an area hospital. The driver of the pickup suffered undisclosed personal injuries in the wreck. Police continue to investigate the tragic wreck.

Trying to determine whether an accident victim was partly at fault in a wreck may often take some analysis. However, when a bystander or motorist stopped at a light is injured or killed in an accident, the story may seem more difficult to understand.