Two killed in fiery head on in Buckingham Township

Neighbors of a fiery car accident scene, and other good Samaritans, approached two vehicles that were involved in a head-on crash in Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania, on Friday morning. One man, who lives across the street from the accident scene, rushed outside. He says that flames were already jumping 30 feet into the air. A 30-year-old Hatfield woman and a 60-year-old Jamison resident were killed in the head-on crash.

Police have not yet determined which car was driving in which direction before the two vehicles collided head-on at around 7:30 a.m. The two cars erupted into flames almost immediately.

Passersby were unable to get close enough to the burning vehicles to pull the accident victims from the damaged vehicles due to the intense flames. Police say that at least four people made an attempt to rescue the accident victims before emergency responders arrived at the scene.

Law enforcement is trying to figure out what happed to lead to the fatal crash. Because accident investigators are not sure what direction either of the cars was traveling before the collision, it is unknown who may have crossed the center line on York Road before the wreck.

Determining what happened in the aftermath of a car accident may involve a number of difficult tasks. Police will often open an investigation; accident reconstruction experts may be called in to gather information and make measurements at an accident scene. Car accident lawyers may also open independent investigations seeking to discover further information that may not be involved in a government probe.