Pennsylvania Lawyers Claim Unclaimed Money for Clients

The Law Offices of Anthony Urban PC and its attorneys help clients search and claim money held by the Pennsylvania Treasury Unclaimed Property Division. Your money – money you might not have known about - from insurance policies, annuity contracts, beneficiary payments, uncashed checks, bank accounts, investment accounts, trust accounts, inheritance, and other sources may have “escheated” to the state to be rightfully claimed by you.

Retaining an attorney can expedite the process of claiming what is yours. Clients have found it helpful to hire our law firm when claiming money as an heir of a relative who passed away; when no estate has been raised; where no administrator or executor has been appointed as personal representative of the estate of the decedent for whom money is maintained by the Treasury Department. Even in circumstances where an estate has been raised but the executor or administrator does not collect all of the decedent’s assets, after a holding period, the assets should escheat to the state’s Treasury Department. Oftentimes, our lawyers are able to assist in the claims process to obtain key documents or make legal arguments to demonstrate our client’s entitlement to the money held by the Treasury. Our Schuylkill County attorneys have worked with the Unclaimed Funds Division of the Treasury to claim money held by the Treasury.

When searching or claiming money held by the Treasury Department Unclaimed Funds Division, it is important to consider name variations and misspellings. Even companies can claim money that is theirs; typically accounts receivable/accounts payable or billing personnel within a company should check and claim. Oftentimes with mergers/acquisitions, accounts can be lost and later escheat to the state. To be clear, the state does not take your money. The holder of unclaimed money pays the money into the Treasury Department where your money is held in trust for you to claim. It will remain there until you adequately show you are entitled to it over any other person. The Treasury Department vets each claims application for completeness and accuracy to make sure the paper trail and information sufficiently correspond to you before delivering any money that is yours. Our lawyers help speed up the process for clients by obtaining the right information to be provided at this time. If you delay or do not respond to the Treasury, you may have to start the process all over again. As your lawyer, a member of our team will act as the contact for the Treasury Department, expediting the claims process so you get your money sooner.

Please contact us at (888) 268-0023 should you need assistance claiming unclaimed money with Pennsylvania Treasury.