2 Pennsylvania women hospitalized after multi-vehicle wreck

According to authorities, a July 12 accident in Amity left two women with injuries. The car accident reportedly occurred on Old Swede Road and involved three vehicles.

A 66-year-old woman was driving south on the road when she lost control of the vehicle and hit another woman's vehicle head-on. Emergency crews extricated both drivers from their vehicles and transported them to Reading Hospital, where officials listed of the women in stable condition and released the other woman.

According to police, the 66-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle when her foot became trapped beneath the brake and gas pedals. A third vehicle became involved in the accident when it rear-ended the second woman's vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle did not report suffering any injuries.

According to government data, thousands of accidents occur on Pennsylvania roadways every year. Furthermore, these crashes result in a spectrum of injuries, ranging from minor abrasions to brain trauma. However, accident-related injuries do not always reveal themselves in full in the immediate aftermath of an accident. The extent of these injuries sometimes takes days or even weeks to become manifest. At any rate, accidents suffered in car accidents may force victims to cope with not just physical pain but also financial stress.

That is because accident-related injuries often require lengthy hospital stays, costly medical procedures, prescription medicines and long-term rehabilitation. Moreover, some accident victims must take significant time off from work in order to recover from their injuries.

However, accident victims may seek financial compensation for the economic damages related to their injuries via civil action. By retaining a personal injury lawyer and filing suit, injured victims may receive restitution for hospital bills, medical expenses and even lost wages.