Fatal rollover on Pennsylvania highway involves water tank truck

A Jefferson Township accident involving a water tanker killed one person and injured another, according to authorities. The July 16 accident occurred on Route 88 in Clarksville at approximately 1 p.m.

Police reported that the driver of the water tank truck was heading south and attempting to negotiate a curve on the highway when he lost control of the vehicle. Subsequently, the tanker crossed into northbound traffic, rolled onto its side and collided with a Nissan SUV, injuring the SUV's driver. Following that collision, the water tank truck continued to roll down a hill, eventually crashing into a garage. The driver of the truck, a 42-year-old man, died as a result of the accident, authorities stated.

Emergency personnel transported the driver of the SUV to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment of her injuries. Police indicated that the crash is still under investigation.

As this case illustrates, truck accidents can be particularly destructive, causing severe damage to the people and property involved in them. On account of this widespread damage, truck accidents warrant exhaustive investigations. When such investigations yield convincing evidence that indicates reckless or negligent driving was a major contributing factor in the crash, the at-fault party or parties may be held accountable for the incident not just criminally but so too in civil court. For, the people who suffered damages in connection with the truck accident may be entitled to financial compensation through civil action.

For example, injured accident victims may retain a personal injury lawyer and file suit, seeking restitution for economic losses related to their injuries. These losses may include but are limited to hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses and even lost wages if the victims' injuries proved to be disabling.