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Man injured while fixing his car on Pennsylvania roadside


A 66-year-old man was injured when his car was struck by another vehicle near an intersection in Philadelphia around 10:30 a.m. in early September. The man had pulled to the side of the road and activated his emergency flashers in order to perform some repairs under the hood of his car. A female driver with her baby in the car then hit the stationary vehicle.

A witness said the woman was driving approximately 60 miles per hour when the accident occurred. The witness also said the impact threw the man into the air, causing him to hit the witness's truck, where he was unable to move. Other witnesses say the man appeared to be conscious and speaking while he was transported to the hospital. No other reports of his condition were available at the time of the report.

The female driver of the other car was taken to Aria-Torresdale Hospital with a broken leg. Witnesses reported that the baby in the backseat of her vehicle appeared to be uninjured.

Safety on the roads is everyone's responsibility. When an accident does occur, especially a pedestrian accident, victims may suffer from debilitating injuries. A lawyer can help a crash victim file a personal injury claim and recover costs for their medical bills, lost income and other expenses related to the accident. A lawyer may sort through the police reports and witness statements in order to help the victim recover compensation, allowing the victim to focus on recovering from their injuries.