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Pennsylvania crash kills motorcycle passenger


On Aug. 29 after 5:35 p.m., a Harley-Davidson passenger and the 49-year-old driver were reportedly thrown from the motorcycle in western Pennsylvania while traveling northbound on route 281. According to reports, a 2008 Chevrolet Express van was headed southbound towards the Harley before crashing into it.

The motorcyclist and 55-year-old passenger both received treatment at a West Virginia hospital, and the passenger was pronounced dead the same day. The 44-year-old Chevrolet driver was not believed to have suffered any injuries in the collision. The cyclist's condition was unconfirmed as of Sept. 5.

Situations like this often result in legal action against the individual or party believed to be responsible for the crash and possible death. However, these scenarios often require an attorney's assistance to ensure the victim or the victim's family receives compensation for their financial and non-economic losses. For instance, loved ones might have to take time off work to visit the victim in the hospital or for grieving the loss. Family members also might need to pay for any property damage that may have occurred because of the wreck. Any other transportation, storage and moving costs resulting from an accident might also motivate plaintiffs who lost a loved one to take a negligent driver to court.

A personal injury attorney might obtain data collected from police and medical reports, insurance records and witness statements to determine what action will be taken after a person is killed in a motorcycle accident. A legal professional may then study the evidence presented by officials and potentially formulate a wrongful death case if the claim is valid.