What are the average costs of a motorcycle accident?

As the initial shock of a Pottsville motorcycle accident begins to subside, you may start to wonder if pursuing compensation from the person who caused your collision is ultimately worth it. However, if you were able to see the cumulative costs of the all of the care to you currently require and will continue to need  in the future, your thoughts would likely turn from whether it would be worth it to seek compensation to whether you can afford not to.

The results of a study conducted by The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration shed an alarming light on exactly how much an average motorcycle accident costs. Their research showed that for motorcycle accidents not involving head injuries that required admissions to trauma centers and hospitals, the average cost per case was over $15,500 and $11,900, respectively. For those cases that did involve head injuries, those numbers rose drastically, to over $43,210 and $21,900.

For as high as those costs may seem, they are nothing compared to the amount lost due to the impact that an accident can have on your quality of life. In fact, one of the data sources cited in the NHTSA study believed these costs to be $11.5 billion in 1993 alone.

Who ends up paying for all of this? According the NHTSA data, you can count of having to pay what will likely be a significant amount. The study cited several different sources for its patient out-of-pocket costs. One source estimated those to be 6 percent of the total accident expenses. However, another put that figure at 43 percent.

While the information shared here should be taken as official legal advice, it may help in influencing your decision on whether or not to initiate action against the driver responsible for your accident.