Three Reasons Why Nighttime Driving Is More Dangerous Than Daytime

The streets and highways of America are never necessarily a safe place, with thousands of car accidents happening each day across the nation. But when the sun goes down, the possibility of getting into a collision spikes significantly. According to the AAA Foundation’s research, about 30% of all serious or fatal car accidents happen between midnight and 3:00 AM, and fatal crashes throughout the rest of the night occur four times more often than during the day. This is even more startling when considering that there are usually 60% less vehicles on the roads at night. What is going on to make this disproportionate amount of accidents?

Three reasons why car accidents increase at night include:

  1. Darkness: Even with the best headlights on the market, the shadows of the night can cloak everything not directly in front of the vehicle. Collisions with animals crossing the road, debris, sign posts, and so on will be much more likely, not to mention drivers who forget to switch on their headlights.
  2. Fatigue: It may have been obvious that the darkness contributes to the number of accidents but the nighttime is certainly not the only cause of car accident increases. Drivers out on the road late at night are also far more likely to be exhausted, either having just woken up for a late shift or preparing to go to bed. While fatigued, reaction time drops significantly, turning every driver into a negligent one.
  3. Intoxication: Daytime drinking is generally frowned upon in today’s society. When people decide to get drunk, they mostly do it at night. This translates to more drunk drivers on the road at night than during the day. Intoxicated motorists are wholly unpredictable to others, meaning avoiding a collision as a sober, responsible driver could be next to impossible.

Of course, there is always the possibility that a nighttime driver could be intoxicated and tired. When all three of these factors are present, a car accident is nearly assured.

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