What Should I Ask My Doctor After a Car Accident?

It is recommended that you always see your doctor as soon as possible after being in an automobile accident. Whether you were caught in a devastating T-bone accident or just rear-ended at a low speed, you will want your physician’s input and diagnosis. Otherwise, you could be ignoring subtle injuries that can lead to some serious health issues later. In order to cover all the most important bases, there are a few key questions to ask your doctor.

When you see your doctor, ask him or her these five key questions:

  1. How severe are my injuries?
    During an initial examination, it might be difficult for your doctor to know just how severe your injuries are but it does not hurt to ask. Your physician will probably hesitantly give you an estimation in your diagnosis. If your injuries are clearly severe, you can expect your doctor to be a little more forward about the situation, especially if you request for them to be frank with you.
  2. Will my injuries get worse before they get better?
    For the worst injuries caused by a car accident – like spinal cord damage or a brain injury – it is unusual for there to be immediate healing and improvement. Instead, the injury is likely to get worse before it gets better. This is important to consider when factoring in compensation required and sought in your subsequent personal injury claim.
  3. Will I fully recover, or just reach my MMI?
    Not every injury will begin to heal immediately after being incurred, and not all will ever fully heal. Each injury and patient has an MMI, or maximum medical improvement. Your MMI is how much your doctor expects your injury to heal when given all possible medicine, medical procedures, and time. If you can only reach an MMI and never actually completely heal from your injuries, your compensation from the liable party must account for all future expenses related to the injury, such as rehabilitation treatment, no matter how long that might be.
  4. How likely is it that my injuries were caused directly by the car accident?
    Knowing that you have been injured and to what extent is only part of your auto accident claim. You must also be able to show that your injuries were caused by the accident. Getting your doctor to state that your injuries were indeed a consequence of the crash is a great way to boost the validity of your claim.
  5. Do I have preexisting injuries that were worsened by my accident?
    You must also not forget that your preexisting conditions could have feasibly been dramatically or slightly worsened by the auto accident. In many cases, the worst injuries someone experiences after a traffic collision are the ones that previously existed but then were exacerbated, like an old back injury.

In addition to asking all five of these questions, make certain they are recorded. You can ask your doctor to write your symptoms as well as the medical findings and diagnosis down on your medical file during your examination. Before you leave the office, get a copy of your medical record with your questions and answers, or arrange to have one sent to you soon. The created records will be instrumental for your personal injury claim and should improve your chances of receiving a maximized recovery from the liable party.

At The Law Offices of Anthony Urban, P.C., our Schuylkill auto accident attorneys are adamant about doing what is right and ensuring our clients receive all the compensation they deserve and require. When you retain our services, we will want to examine your medical records to see how they can be used to benefit your claim. With our 90+ years of combined legal experience representing clients since 1962, and commitment to your best interests, we hope to collect a settlement or verdict on your behalf and help you feel comfortable again after an auto accident.

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