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Covering Vehicle Repair Costs Following a Car Accident


When referencing the expenses that result from car accidents in Pottsville, most often only consider medical bills. However, not every accident results in injury. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that of the over 5.6 million auto accidents that occurred in the U.S. in 2013, over 4 million of them resulted in property damage only. Yet whether or not an accident produces injuries, there is still one expense that all accident victims must face: vehicle repairs.

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the average costs for collision and property damage claims resulting from car accidents in 2013 was $3,144 and $3,231, respectively. Most immediately assume that either their insurance or that of the other drivers involved will pay for the repairs. A good deal of confusion exists about how vehicle damages are covered in “No Fault” car insurance states, which Pennsylvania is. This can be easily cleared up by understanding that the no-fault philosophy applies to injury claims only. When dealing with property damage, victims are free to go after the at-fault driver.

If he or she has auto insurance, then victims may be entitled to damages either up to the limit allowed by his or her policy, or the fair market values of their vehicles. For example, if a victim’s vehicle is valued at $5,000, yet the estimated costs for repairs is $7,000, then the at-fault drivers insurance will typically pay $5,000. If the vehicle’s valuation is higher, yet the at-fault driver’s policy only allows $5,000 for property damages, the insurance again will only pay $5,000.

If this happens, car accident victims have one of two options they may pursue: suing the at-fault driver for the remainder of the repair costs, or filing a claim through their own policy’s collision coverage provision.